Anger Management Program for Youth

Geared towards children and teens


Anger Management Counselling/Therapy increases the parent's and child or young adult's emotional awareness which will lead to a child's increased self understanding.  With increased self knowledge s/he will learn more self-control which will decrease their impulsivity. The child will learn how to self-sooth through the use of their own personalized "cool-off" kit.

In an 8 to 12 week program, parents and young people will be able to: identify their initial emotions, understand their feelings, they will be able to identify their own personal/physical anger clues.  In addition, they will know their anger buttons and will begin to discover healthier ways of expressing themselves.  Young people will be introduced to healthy rules for conflict resolution and throughout the program anger management concepts will be reinforced using hands on experiments, games and weekly take home pamphlets and activities.  Using various mediums like building a volcano or various games the child will be engaged in the process.  In addition, the child will take home their volcano, cool off kit and various other activities and resources to use at home to continue their learnig experience.

Individual program:
The parent is present and the program is tailored to the specific child.

Group setting (available):
Dependent upon numbers and/or setting the parent may or may not be present.

Know that:
Angry, acting out behaviour is learned.  Therefore, one can learn alternative ways to behave.  Change is possible.

Vary for individual and groups programs.

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