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Adopting Anger Management Skills That Work

Anger management can involve the learning of a variety of new skills and techniques. With many people in our everyday days affected by our actions, it is usually very helpful to realize that these skills can be learned and used effectively to handle a variety of situations. It’s never too late to focus on anger management growth as our relationships can be continually improved throughout our lives at any point in time. Additionally, these new capabilities will not only improve the relationships with the people around you, it can also improve your relationship with yourself, leading to increased feelings of well-being, relaxation and overall happiness.

In addition to seeking the guidance of a qualified anger management professional, it is often considered very beneficial to keep a journal. When writing about situations that cause an elevation in stress and upset, getting these thoughts and feelings down on paper and out of one’s head is very helpful in examining and healing these situations. SOmehow, the act of purging one’s anger on paper is transformational; suddenty, new perspectives can be gained and the feelings have had a chance to be vented in a way that gives them room to exist safely. By looking back over the journal over a period of time, patterns can be discovered and one can learn what is likey to be a “trigger” event and gain greater insight around how to prepare for the sudden on-rushes of emotion that can seem so overwhelming and unexpected.  The journal helps one realize that they are often not unexpected at all, they are very predictable and thus skills can be cultivated to manage the moment and make appropriate changes to their behavior.  One then is not reacting to anger, but responding to it in healthier ways that honor the existence of the emotion.

In recognizing the patterns of anger, removing oneself from situations that are extreme anger triggers can be a very useful strategy.  Rather than thinking of this as “running away” or “backing down” it’s more appropriately thought of as realizing that one can be triggered beyond one’s curent abilities to control anger reactions.  This “stepping back” allows a person time to process instead and deal with the feelings more productively once the situation has calmed.  When the situation is returned to, the heated intensity of the moment is lessened and one is better able to speak to the feelings that intitially seemed so overwhelming.  Over time, confidence is gained through the realization that one can indeed manage anger productively and use it as an advantageous tool towards beneficial self-growth.

Finding anger management skills that work for you is a focus of our anger management program.  Call today to set up an appointment and get started on a healing journey with your anger and discover what your anger is trying to help you learn.

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Adopting Anger Management Skills That Work

Anger management can involve the learning of a variety of new skills and techniques. With many people in our everyday days …